When I decided to rebrand my agency towards the end of last year, I decided I was going to use Facebook Live as one of my primary marketing tactics.

Why? You might ask.

Let’s dig in and find out.




Facebook Video Results For Camberley Woods


Since September 2016, I’ve:

  • Broadcast on Facebook Live over 125 times.
  • I’ve had 26,893 minutes of my videos viewed (26,893 minutes equals 450 hours. And did you know 450 hours equates to 18.67 Days? So… the amount of time that has been consumed by people watching my videos is over 18 and a half days.)
  • Had over 67,000 video views

I think it’s important to note that when I started broadcasting on Facebook Live I had maybe 10 followers on my page. And, although I only had 10 followers, (don’t laugh) I was still able to get my videos in front of thousands of eyeballs.


Reason 1: Video marketing is one of the latest trends

I chose Facebook Live as one of my primary platforms because Video Content is gaining in popularity and is predicted to continue this trend.

Cisco has stated that 79% of all global consumer internet traffic will come from video by 2018. (And 2018 is less than 6 months away… eeeekkkk. Before we know it, we’ll be Christmas shopping again.)


Check out these 5 jaw dropping video marketing stats for 2017


Is that not intriguing enough? Then, consider these stats.

Reason 2: Live video is cost and time effective

Another great thing about Facebook Live is it makes it easy (and affordable) to create video content. That’s because it doesn’t involve shooting a bunch of video footage and editing it. Talk about time consuming!

Reason 3: Facebook wants you to use their new features

Facebook loves when people take advantage of their new features. When you take advantage of their new features they give your content more reach (which can translate into more engagement if your content is spot on).

Reason 4: Live video helps you interact with your followers

I want to be able to engage with people that are watching my videos. What better way to do this than in real time!

I can see who is hopping onto my Live videos as it’s broadcasting and I can engage viewers by:

  • Calling viewers out by name
  • Asking viewers questions
  • Responding to comments

Being able to interact with your audience is GOLD.


Believe it or not, you can make mistakes when it comes to Facebook Lives. Uh oh! Here are the top 10 mistakes made. Read this article so you can avoid making these mistakes and shine as an influencer in your industry.


Believe it or not, you can make mistakes when it comes to Facebook Lives. Uh oh!

On the bright side… it’s easy to avoid making these mistakes so you can shine as an influencer in your industry.

Facebook Live Mistake #1: You’re Not Consistent

This is one of THE biggest mistakes I see people making. They post three times one week, then… silence for a month. Post two times the following week, then… silence for two weeks.

This is an ineffective social media strategy.

Consistency is key… as with most everything else we do in our business and life.

Set a day and time of the week when you are going live. Mark it on your calendar and stick to it.

Also, let your audience know when this day/time is so they know when to expect you. Once they see you are showing up every Tuesday at 11:00 am PST, they will start showing up consistently as well. Psssst…. Did you know I go live every Tuesday at 11:00 am PST. Come hang out!

Aside from the time you have decided to go live each week, it’s totally fine to hop on Facebook Live outside of your set time(s) when you feel inspired or you have a message to share.

Spontaneity is a yummy spice of life, isn’t it?

Facebook Live Mistake #2: You’re Only Going Live On Your Personal Profile

I see a ton of entrepreneurs doing this and it boggles my mind.

I think the reason they’re doing this is because their following and engagement on their personal profile is greater than the following and engagement on their page.

STOP doing this!

Just STOP!

Oh wait…did I tell you to STOP yet? Haha! I may kid, but I am serious about this.

You want to post on your page because it trains your audience to follow and engage with your page. Sure, you may only have a few followers but trust me on this one. Your page will begin grow before you know it.

And guess what?

When you post on your page you can turn your video into a Facebook Ad.

And guess what again?

Video ads are a cheap way to build an engaged audience.

Hack: During your broadcast, you can share the Facebook Live video onto your personal timeline. This way your friends that aren’t following your page have a chance to catch it there. And who knows….they may head on over to your page and begin following.

Also, when people share your video with their friends people will head over to your business page and see what you are all about.

It’s just another way to direct people to your page and watch growth happen. Yay!

Facebook Live Mistake #3: You Jumped on Facebook Live Without Planning What You’re Going To Talk About.

While spontaneity is sometimes great, planning ahead helps you stay focused.

Brainstorm topics beforehand. It always helps me to outline my topics (on paper or in your head). You will find your Live videos will go much smoother by doing this.

Not sure what to broadcast about? Check out my 8 Types of Videos That Kill it on Facebook Live Cheat Sheet.

Facebook Live Mistake #4: You’re Not Promoting It Before/During/After


Let people know that you’re going live. Promote it to your timeline or stories 6-24 hours prior. Also remind your email list when you’re going live.

People have busy lives. They forget and need reminders. Plus, in the beginning, you are training your audience about what times you’ll be showing up.



When you are live on your page hop on your mobile device and share your video to your personal timeline.

Doing this little step doubled the number of people that were watching my video live. It takes a bit of coordination, but I think you’re up for the task.

Also ask people tuning into the live video to share it on their timelines and tag their friends. Can we say ‘free marketing’? BAM!



If you just wrapped up a sweeeeeet video, consider turning that puppy into a Video Views Facebook ad.

To do this, you choose “Video Views” as your “Campaign Objective”.

What is the benefit of this?

Running a Facebook ad for your Facebook Live is great way to get an engaged audience going.

After the ad runs for your Facebook Live video, you can set up an audience within your Power Editor of people that viewed a certain percentage of your video.

Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Go into your audiences and create an “Engagement” audience (it’s the last selection on this list)


Step 2: Choose “Video” as the type of engagement audience you’d like to use.


Step 3: Select how much engagement you’d like your audience to have and then select the videos you’d like to include in the query.

Now, retarget this audience with another ad and push them through your Facebook Ads funnel.

Facebook Live Mistake #5: You’re Not Repurposing Your Content

Don’t forget about repurposing your content.

Everything doesn’t have to be original 24/7.

If that were the case I’d be lying on the floor from exhaustion and brain fog as would most of my peers. The most essential component in online marketing is content. And one of the biggest time sucks when it comes to online marketing is content.

What do you do to combat this? – Work smarter.

Be smart about stretching out your content by repurposing it. If you need ideas on how to do this, read my article about 9 Ways To Repurpose Content and Save Time.

There are multiple ways you can use Facebook Live to repurpose content.

#1: Turn your Facebook Live video into a blog post

Method 1: Start by broadcasting your topic on Facebook Live. Then, after the broadcast is over, turn it into a blog post and embed the video into your post.

Method 2: OR, you can work in the opposite direction like I do on my blog. Here is the process we follow:

  1. My team and I write the blog post.
  2. We put the blog post content into a Powerpoint.
  3. We promote the topic and Facebook Live time on social media.
  4. I go Live (every Tuesday at 11 PST).

#2: Slice down your Facebook Live recording into bite-sized nuggets

The second way you can use Facebook Live to repurpose content is to use segments of your Facebook Live on social media. What do I mean by this?

Take segments of your Facebook Live video and turn them into little video nuggets.

For example, you can pull out a big statistic from your video and work it into your social media editorial calendar.

Easy, right? Look at you – you just saved time!

Let’s move on and save you even more time. (In case you haven’t noticed, I’m all about getting back my time.)

#3: Detach your Audio and turn it into a podcast

If you are using a great microphone to record your Facebook Lives, you could detach the audio from your Facebook Live and turn it into a podcast.

Note: You may want to slice out some of the comments you make to real-time viewers, or leave them in there as is! Just something to consider when planning.

#4: Turn your profound Facebook Live one-liners into quoteables images

Is quoteables a word? Well, I noticed Oprah used it on her website. So… definitely a word.

Did you say something that even blew your mind on your Facebook Live? Turn that puppy into a quote image and call it a day.

Well, maybe not a whole day if you just started working. Now you can post that quote on social media or embed it into your blog post…or BOTH.

Facebook Live Mistake #6: You’re Not Engaging With Your Viewers

When you are on Facebook Live you need to get into the habit of doing three things to engage your viewers.

#1: Ask them to share the video (and don’t forget to give them direction on how to share it. Make it easy for them to do what you ask.)

#2: Ask them to tag a friend that could benefit from this.

#3: Ask them to leave a comment about something. For example, at the beginning of broadcasts, Mari Smith always asks people to chime in with where they are viewing from (i.e. France, California, Ireland…)

#4: Include a Call-To-Action. Tell people to access a blog post, sign up for your weekly email newsletter, an opt-in incentive, or an expiring piece of content. Tell them what you want them to do next.

Facebook Live Mistake #7: Your Tech is BAD

Let me start by saying – Don’t let the tech side of Facebook Live scare you. There are so many options for broadcasting on Facebook Live, that you CAN find one that fits with your technical skills.

Camera Options:

  • You could go live from your phone (easy peasy!)
  • You could go live from your desktop. If you choose this way, invest in a cheap desktop camera. I have a $50 logitech camera.

Software Options:

You could also invest in a Facebook Live broadcasting software (there are a TON out there, but I will give you my best four options options).

  1. Wirecast. I don’t personally use this software but it is robust. It has a ton of capabilities. You can show your images, media files (like a video), your desktop and collaborators’ desktops. And it’s about a $495 one time purchase.
  2. Ecamm Live. I recently started using this and love it. It has the ability to show your camera ad logos/images share your desktop and media files. It’s about a $29.95 one time purchase. Not too shabby!
  3. Zoom. I really enjoyed zoom. With it, you can show your screen, show your web camera, include presenters and attendees. The downside is that you need the Zoom Webinar account and it’s a monthly $54.99 charge. But, if you are hosting other webinars for your business it may make sense to use it.
  4. BeLive is super easy to you if you’re not tech savy. You can show yourself, your desktop, add other presenters as hosts and include your branding. They are priced at $12+ per month (depending on what package your purchase).

Make sure you check your wifi signal before going Live. If your signal is bad it will interrupt your broadcast and your audience will become frustrated.

I noticed that if I broadcast from my living room, then I have broadcasting issues. If I broadcast from my office, then I don’t have broadcasting issues.

The moral of the story is to find a place you know will not cause your Live to be interrupted due to a weak wifi signal.

Facebook Live Mistake #8: You’re Not Analyzing the Results

You need to make sure you are checking in on your Facebook Live results every 2-3 weeks. Pay attention to what is popular and what may have missed the mark.

Social media is all about analyzing, tweaking and adjusting.

If you notice that a certain piece of content had a lot of engagement then try to incorporate that same type of content into your editorial publishing calendar.

If it was a flop, then dust yourself off and try tweaking the topic or message.

Facebook Live Mistake #9: You’re Not Editing The Video AFTER

After you broadcast on Facebook Live, go into your video and add a title, description and select a cover photo.

Most importantly, make sure you are adding captions! Especially if this will become an advertisement.

Facebook now auto generates captions (if you select that in your video options). Please note: you will need to preview them for mistakes because they aren’t 100% accurate.

adding captions to your facebook live

Facebook Live Mistake #10: You’ve Let Fear or Perfectionism Get In the Way

Who doesn’t want to be perfect, right?

We all want everything to go smoothly. To put out that incredible video that looks like it was done by George Lucas.

The worst mistake of them all though is that you’ve let fear or perfectionism get in the way… so you aren’t broadcasting on FAcebook Live at all.

So here’s what I want you to do….

  1. Go Live once. I dare you to try it!
  2. Then, go Live one more time.

And again.

And again.

The first 3 times are the hardest.

Remember, you have to start somewhere.


If you’re looking for additional help, then check out my Facebook Live cheat sheet. This download gives you 8 types of Facebook Live videos that kill it! Perfect for those times when you don’t know what to talk about. 

In Summary

Avoid these mistakes and you will be GOLD!

  • Mistake #1: You’re not consistent
  • Mistake #2: You’re only going Live on your personal page
  • Mistake #3: You jumped on Facebook Live without planning what you’re going to talk about.
  • Mistake #4: You’re not promoting it before, during and after
  • Mistake #5: You’re not repurposing your content
  • Mistake #6: You’re not engaging with your viewers
  • Mistake #7: Your  tech is bad
  • Mistake #8: You’re not analyzing the results
  • Mistake #9: You’re not editing the video after the broadcast
  • Mistake #10: You’ve let fear or perfectionism get in the way

It’s time to get on Facebook Live!

How are you going to incorporate Facebook Live into your social media content strategy? Let’s get a discussion going in the comments.

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