Picture this.

You have a great business. You’ve worked hard for years, pouring everything you have into making it successful. You’re doing all you can to get the word out there, but when it comes to ideas about promoting your awesomeness, you just feel… stuck.

Sound familiar?

So many people are right there with you. And so many of those same people are overlooking the answer to their problems.  HINT: which easy, free way of reaching thousands of potential customers do you already have access to? I’ll give you a minute…

Facebook Live, people!

Ok. So, why exactly should you risk looking ridiculous on video by using Facebook Live to promote your business?

I have three simple reasons for you.

3 reasons you need to use facebook live

Reason #1: Facebook Live video helps you get into more news feeds.

Broadcasting on Facebook Live will help you get into more news feeds if you are using Facebook Live correctly. And guys, that’s the keyword: correctly. Now, Facebook announced a huge algorithm change back in January, and they stated that with these changes, they are prioritizing content that has engagement. Why? Because it drives relationships in the news feed.

What does this mean for you? Well, in short, if your content on Facebook has engagement–it has comments, has reactions, has people coming back week after week to view your content–you are going to get into more news feeds.

So, if you up your engagement, Facebook’s going to look at your page and say, ‘hey, people like this company, they love this brand, they’re engaging with it, they want to have a relationship with it.’

How do you up your engagement factor? Facebook Live.


Not convinced yet? Facebook stated in their press release back in January, that live video gets six times more interactions than any other type of content on the platform. That’s because, during live broadcasts, you have this back-and-forth engagement happening and this relationship building going on.

Ok. That’s reason number one.

Facebook Live video drives conversations and conversations build relationships and get you into more news feeds.

So, that is one of the primary reasons you should be using Facebook live right now, if you are trying to market your products and services on Facebook that is. And let’s face it, if you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure that’s what you want.  

Still unsure about how to make a Facebook Live broadcast?  Check out my “Getting Started Guide.” In it, you’ll find a great outline for people who are just starting out with Facebook Live.  If you haven’t gone live yet, this handy guide can help you organize your thoughts before your scary on-screen debut.

Worried that you’ll only have three viewers (including your parents… and your cat)? Take a peek at my the “8 Videos that Kill it on Facebook Live Cheat Sheet” which I’ve given to you in my “Getting Started Guide“. You’ll learn all the fancy tips and tricks that the cool kids are using to up their engagement and create kick-ass Facebook Live broadcasts.


Reason #2: Facebook Live video gives you constant feedback from your ideal customer.

Listen carefully. This has been one of the best things for me and my business on a daily basis.

I am having conversations with people (aka customers!) on my Facebook Live videos and in my Facebook messenger while the videos are broadcasting. This is all a direct result of my Facebook Lives.

You get constant feedback from your ideal customer

And because I’m having daily conversations with my ideal customers, I’m able to constantly ask them questions. Why is this so key?  I can perfect my products, my services, or even my sales approach.

So, if you want to have products and services that your clients are happy about–and I mean… come on, who doesn’t?–then Facebook Live is a great tool for helping you do that.

Reason #3: Facebook Live video builds trust with your audience.

When you show up *regularly* on Facebook Live, and you take the time to provide valuable content and have conversations with your potential customers, it drives a kind of trust with your viewers.



One short little broadcast can leave your viewers thinking

  • “Hey, you know, Camberley really knows her shiz.”
  • “You know what? Camberley might have an idea with Facebook marketing that I haven’t thought about. I’m going to ask her a question.”
  • “I feel like I know Camberley. I know who she is as an individual, and I know enough about her that I could sit down with her, have a cup of tea, and eat some lunch.”

Now that is one of the best things. Because in this business, or in the business world, when you’re trying to build a company, one of the things that set your company or brand apart from anybody else is you.

And if you can show up and build relationships with people and get them to know, like, and trust you, then when they come to a point where they need your help, they’re gonna seek you out. They’re gonna choose you over the competition because you have done that job of building trust with your customers

Ok ok, I get it. Facebook Live can be pretty scary at first.  

If you’re just getting started with Facebook Live video and you’re sitting here unsure of what to do or say, I have a couple of solutions just for you.

Whoo whoo!

Now, if you’re a real newbie and just getting started on Facebook Live, download my “Getting Started Guide.” It will help you ditch all your fears and allow you to start making killer videos today.

If you’re ready to kick your Facebook Live posts up a notch, snag my “8 Videos that Kill it on Facebook Live Cheat Sheet.”  Using all the information I gathered from relatives and friends, I made this little cheat sheet that will walk you through eight types of videos that kill it on Facebook.

——-> Ok, let’s recap.

Why should you be using Facebook Live video to promote your business?

  1. It helps you get into more news feeds.
  2. You get constant feedback from your ideal customer.
  3. It builds trust with your audience.

Now repeat after me: news feeds, feedback, trust. Great! It sounds like you’re ready to put aside the fears, pick up the camera, and start using Facebook Live to reach and connect with thousands of potential customers.