4 Pinterest Updates That Will quickly Increase Your Following

My friend, Laura, emailed me a few months ago with the subject line “Pinterest – why?” I’m sure many of you can relate to her thoughts.

Here’s what Laura wrote in her email:

Question from friend about the purpose of Pinterest

Yes, Pinterest is filled with pretty images and DIY ideas, but Pinterest truly offers so much more and can be an amazing tool for growing your business.

Let me share some surprising Pinterest statistics for 2017 that I found on Omnicore:

  • There are 150 million monthly active users on Pinterest
  • 81% of Pinterest users are Female
  • 40% of new Pinterest signups are Men, 60% of new Pinterest signups are Women
  • 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest
  • 80% of Pinterest users access Pinterest through a mobile device

Let’s move beyond the statistics.

Here are a few other reasons why you NEED to be using Pinterest:


#1 Reason Why You Should Be Using Pinterest: It’s the third largest search engine

Just behind Google and YouTube, Pinterest is the third largest search engine.

Most of us associate Pinterest with other social media platforms, but it is actually a visual search engine. People don’t go to Pinterest to catch up with their friends, instead they go to Pinterest to search.

Pinners (that’s what you can call active users on Pinterest) are using the platform to search for: products, inspiration, ideas, advice, and more!


#2 Reason Why You Should Be Using Pinterest: It’s a huge traffic driver

If you want to increase traffic to your website, Pinterest is your platform!

According to Hootsuite, Pinterest shares that five percent of website referral traffic comes from their site (this is second to Facebook).

I can back this statement up!

According to Google Analytics, Pinterest and Facebook are my top two referral traffic sites for CamberleyWoods.com. Over time, this will probably change and Pinterest will become my top referral traffic source.

I know this is a bold statement to make, and here’s why I’m saying it.

Facebook’s Algorithm has changed over the past couple of years, and organic referral traffic from Facebook has gone down… down…. down…

Organic traffic comes to your website from unpaid search.

So, Organic Facebook traffic is traffic that’s not driven to your site from Facebook Ads (it’s “natural” traffic).

My clients have seen that, year over year, their organic traffic from Facebook is on the decline. But, their organic traffic from Pinterest continues to rise!

Here’s one of my clients Hubspot Sources reports for 2017.


Hubspot Social Media Sources Showing Pinterest Drove More Traffic Than Facebook


You can see that Pinterest drove 24.6% more traffic to their website than Facebook and resulted in 60.2% more new email contacts. One other thing to note, 8.67% of the people visiting the site from Pinterest are converting on their website verses 3.5% of the people from Facebook.

Once I realized that I should be using Pinterest for my business, and made some simple updates to my Pinterest profile, the Pinterest followers were booming. In three months, I went from 3,000 Pinterest followers to almost 5,000 followers.

I had no idea that applying four specific steps to my Pinterest business strategy would lead to this big jump in followers.




Before I implemented these four steps I’m sharing with you, I was using Pinterest for my own personal interest. I would post articles on recipes, DIYs, interior design, and other topics related to my hobbies.

Out with the old and in with the new! I took all of the boards I created for my personal interest and marked them as private.

Then, I went through and updated my boards to focus on content that specifically aligned with my Ideal Customer Avatar’s needs and the content I share on my website and other social media networks.

Branding your pinterest boards for your ideal customer

Instead of pins focused on recipes for the best lemon bars eva’ or how to make your own throw pillows, my boards are now aligned with my business to include topics like, email marketing, social media marketing, or website blogging. This step is super easy to do and crucial for narrowing in on content related to your business.



SEO on Pinterest? Yep!

Remember, Pinterest is a search engine. This means you add in keywords to drive traffic to your boards and pins.

Pinterest uses an algorithm to rank its pins and determine which content is most relevant to your search. So, keywords need to be relevant and directed towards your ideal customer.

After I reorganized my boards, I made sure all of my boards had keywords riddled within the title and description to help direct followers specifically interested in my content.

For example, if I created a board for email marketing, I wouldn’t use terms that are unrelated to my topic, like a board title for email marketing wouldn’t say, “What I Love To Send Customers.”

Instead, my board title says something like, “Email Marketing + List Growth”, and my description could say, “Email marketing and list growth tips for online business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. Includes email marketing, email tips, newsletters and inbox.

Example of Pinterest Board Optimized for Search



Whenever people visit your social media pages, you want to make sure the branding is the same.

3-Step Checklist for Social Media Branding

People should see the same profile name, image and bio to help identify your business. So, update your profile image and bio to be consistent on all of your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest).

For example, on Instagram I’m not going to write a bio how I love fitness and then switch the content on my Pinterest bio to talk about how I love recipes and interior design, and then switch again on Facebook to share how I teach people about marketing their business.

What should you put in your bio?

Contrary to belief, don’t make it all about you. Instead share who and how you help your ideal customer. Include a professional, personable photo, keywords in your profile name, and explain what you do to be a solution to a problem your ideal customer may struggle with.

Every bio I create online talks about my business and how I help people develop marketing for their business. Again, if I haven’t said it enough already, your bio needs to be strategic and consistent on every social media platform.



This was one of the biggest steps I took to grow my Pinterest followers. I initially signed up for a free trial to test out Boardbooster.com and LOVED IT. You can choose the free account starting out, and if you like it, pay $20 a month to automate 1000 pins.

This is super helpful for putting your pins on autopilot. I organize and choose the pins I want to go out each day on my Pinterest boards. Huge time saver! And, I don’t have to keep remembering to send out my pins. I just go back in every now and then to choose more pins to run in the future.

When you schedule your pins, mix in your own content with other people’s content. If you aren’t posting your own original content, you may not see the traffic you were hoping for. Try to post about 20 to 30 percent of your own content and the rest can be other people’s content.

Pssst…. are you looking for other ways to save time and automate your social media? Then check out my article on How to Rock on Social Media in an HOUR a Day.



Now what? What’s next for your Pinterest strategy?

Once you apply these four steps, what do you do to keep building followers and maximize your business growth? Two hacks you should follow that I’m finding are HUGE for growing my Pinterest success:


Pinterest Growth Hack #1: Post Your Blog Articles To Pinterest

Any time I create a blog article on Camberleywoods.com, I’m thinking of infographics or images with a blog post title I can create and pin to one of my boards on Pinterest.

This quickly bumps up the number of people who are finding my content. And because I’ve implemented this as part of my strategy, Pinterest has given me a steady stream of website traffic.

Want to learn more about how you can use Pinterest to grow your blog traffic? Marketing guru, Melyssa Griffin, has an awesome cheat sheet that outlines the steps you can take to increase traffic to your website by posting on Pinterest. Melyssa has found that Pinterest is her #1 go-to for growing traffic and building her business.

Note: when you are creating images for your blog articles, make sure they are mobile friendly. After you’ve created your images, preview them from your mobile device and make sure your image size looks good and that the font is large and easy to read.

Louise Myers has the best social media image size cheat sheets on her website, her Pinterest cheat sheet says to create images that are 736 pixels wide x 1104 to 2,061 pixels tall.

Louise Myers Social Media Cheat Sheet 2017: Must-Have Image Sizes!


Pinterest Growth Hack #2: Use Pinterest ads

Pinterest ads are relatively new and not a lot of people are using them yet. This makes them super cheap, provides a larger reach, and gives you greater exposure to help grow your business.

If you’re new to the Pinterest Ad game, check out this flippin’ awesome article by Neil Patel. In the article, he breaks out the steps you’ll need to take to promote your pins.  



Now, it’s your turn to give it a shot!

These steps to growing your business on Pinterest are super effective and can be a great way to strengthen your overall business strategy. By integrating these tips, I was able to grow my following by an almost 2,000 followers in three months. This stuff works.

Go ahead and give these Pinterest hacks a try and see how it helps your business. Then, keep your Pinterest content current by creating images, infographics, and checklists that tie into your website blog articles. You can also find awesome success by creating Pinterest ads that can lead more people to your boards and drive more traffic to your website.

Woot woot! You are now ready to be a Pinterest Superstar!

Did you know it’s possible to be a social media superstar in under an hour a day? For reals, if you follow my simple daily social media schedule checklist you’ll be feeling like Mary Katherine Gallagher in no time! You can read all about this schedule in my detailed article here, or click the link below to download the checklist.

Do you have any rockin’ Pinterest Growth Hacks that I didn’t mention? Let me know what they are in the comments below.

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