Why Hello!

I’m Camberley.

If that’s too difficult to remember, then you can call me Cam.

I’m a business, branding, content, and social media strategist. And, when I’m not in front of my computer I’m being mom to two curly headed little girls (and to my curly headed husband as well).

Camberley Woods and Family

7 years ago, before I birthed my babies, I took the leap and became an entrepreneur.

I started an online marketing agency that works with mid-sized and large-sized companies (i.e. they have more than 100 employees).

Our agency, eSocial Strategies, specializes in email, content, website and inbound marketing, advertising, social media strategy, search engine optimization… phew!

In two short years, I was able to grow my agency to multiple 6 figures… and I never spent a dime on paid advertisements.

I was able to do this because I love my work and my clients can FEEL that love. In return, they spread that love to their biz friends and my business grew. Word of mouth marketing can be crazy powerful.

I believe that if you find joy and purpose in your work, and you exude that energy, then with marketing strategy and consistency you’ll attract your ideal customer and grow your business.

Why did I rebrand my agency?

Over the years, I have been approached by hundreds of entrepreneurs who need help growing their online business. Unfortunately, a lot of these entrepreneurs don’t have the budget to hire an agency like eSocial Strategies.

Under my new “Camberley Woods” brand, I now consult and teach mid-to-large sized companies, marketing agencies and entrepreneurs.

My mission is to teach marketing departments, marketing agencies, and entrepreneurs how to “rock” their brands online.

Some Random Facts About Me

  1. I live in Mesa, Arizona (a city that borders Tempe/Scottsdale). I have lived in Mesa my entire life. And so did my parents, and their parents, and their parents… I’m the 4th generation.
  2. Several times a week I play hide n’ seek & chase through my house with the girls (and sometimes their friends get in on the game).
  3. I love Boston Terriers.
  4. My close friend (and nanny) is from Barcelona and goes home every summer. My girls and I have had the privilege of traveling to Spain with her a couple times… and now I’m obsessed with all things Spanish culture.
  5. Gwyneth, my youngest daughter, eats like a Spaniard. She’s obsessed with green olives, lentils, potatoes, pasta and cured meats.
  6. The moment my girls go down for the night, I shut their bedroom doors and do the “hallelujah! they’re sleeping!” happy dance. Which looks like the dance Elaine does on Seinfeld. 
  7. Most nights, I can be found on my back patio having a deep + long conversation with my husband, Dallan.
  8. When I laugh really hard, I wheeze and honk. And then the people near me laugh even harder. 
  9. My husband and I love old homes. We are currently renovating a mid-century home in Mesa.
  10. Maybe someday I’ll come up with a cool fact about me for this #10 slot.