Warning: Possible side effects may result from using Facebook Messenger Bots. They include but are not limited to increased direct messages to your Facebook Page, a huge rise in your email subscribers, and incessant smiling.

I repeat: do NOT read this blog post unless you are prepared to grow your email list in a massive way, get a mountain of messages in your inbox, and feel like doing a happy dance with no music at all.

And you better get ready for that business to grow because after implementing this easy-little tactic, you might have a lot more leads on your hands.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you one simple trick that, when implemented, will exponentially increase the engagement that you receive on your Facebook Live broadcasts.

Are you ready for it?

I have incorporated simple Facebook Messenger Bots within my Facebook Live broadcasts to help increase my views and comments.

How to automate Facebook Live with Facebook Messenger Bots

Today I’m going to go through the steps to setting up your own Facebook Messenger Bot, so that you can be successful as well.

Feeling your palms getting a little sweaty at the mention of a fancy-shmancy chatbot?

I have to admit you guys, when I first heard about chatbots, I was overwhelmed too.

In my head I kept thinking… “Ughhhh! I do not want to learn how to use another tool! And I don’t have weeks to sit here and set up a new type of strategy. Hello–I’m busy running my business!” Now, I delayed even looking at chatbots for months because I was so overwhelmed by the idea of how difficult it would be.

But after months of worrying and putting it off, I finally decided to give chatbots a shot.

I was shocked to find out that they were so easy to set up and implement. When you first set one up, you can actually start out with a free account. So, implementing this strategy will cost you no money at all. That’s right–nothing, zip, nada.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Take a breath, brew some tea, and then come back ready to work. I’m here to explain the step-by-step process of setting up and implementing a chatbot system that will help keep you workin’ and not spending all your time responding to your adoring fans.

Now, there are few Facebook Messenger Bots out there, but today I’m going to be discussing how to use the program ManyChat.

Before setting up your chatbot you need to make sure two things are ready:

  • You need to be broadcasting from a business page.
    • This will not work if you are broadcasting from a profile or into a group.
  • You need to have some type of content upgrade to go with your live broadcast.

If you’re unfamiliar with the content upgrade, let me give you the rundown. A content upgrade, which is also sometimes referred to as an opt-in incentive or a value-add, is essentially a piece of content that works in conjunction with your live topic. It is separate from what you’re offering on the live broadcast, but it works with and enhances it.

21 Content Upgrades

For example, one content upgrade that I have that works really well is a free outline.

I have a video on three tips to make your live broadcasts look more professional. One of those tips that I give is to simply outline your content so that when you go onto Facebook Live, you have a plan in place as to what you’re going to talk about.

On my live broadcast, I tell people about outlining your content, and then I say, “If you would like to receive the outline that I use before I go on Facebook Live, leave me a comment on this video and I’ll send it to you via Facebook Messenger.”

Then, if people leave a comment on that Live video, my Facebook Messenger Bots automate a message to them in their Facebook Messenger inbox with that free outline.

As a follow-up, I try to start getting a conversation going with them. That conversation could hopefully lead to me getting them over to my website to subscribe to my email lists. It could also mean that I am encouraging them to join my Facebook group. Or, it could just be that I want to do some market research and get to know the people viewing my videos.

Now that you’re ready (you’re on your business page and you have your content upgrade in hand), I’m going to walk you through how to set up Facebook Messenger Bots on your own, using a tool called ManyChat. This will only take a few minutes, and you can set up a free account.

Want to see my “outline” bot in action? Click here.

Step 1 of Automating Facebook Live with Facebook Messenger Bots: Getting Started and Setting Up a “New Growth Tool”

First, go to ManyChat.com and log in.

Once you’re logged in and in the back side of ManyChat, look on the left side of the page. You’re going to see a navigation bar there. The one that we want to use in conjunction with our Facebook Live videos is the one called “Growth Tools.”

Example Manychat Navigation Bar

Click on Growth Tools, and you’ll essentially see that the growth tools in ManyChat are there to help you grow your messenger subscribers–that’s why they’re bucketed under growth tools.

This page comes preloaded with some examples for you that you can delete, but for right now, you’re going to create a new growth tool.

Step 2 of Automating Facebook Live with Facebook Messenger Bots: Selecting the Settings

To set up a new growth tool, you’re first going to click a button on the top of the page that says “New Growth Tool.” Once you click this button and the box pops up, you want to give your new tool a name. Go ahead and name it “Test,” since this is just a test one.

Example Manychat New Growth Tool

Next, scroll down and under the “Growth Tools” section one, there is one that says “Facebook Comments.” Go ahead and click on that Facebook comments button. What this means is that someone’s going to leave a comment on Facebook to trigger the chat sequence you are about to create. That comment could be on a Facebook Live broadcast, a static photo post, or any other post on your page that you want viewers to leave comments on.

Example Manychat Growth Tool Facebook Comment Set Up

Once you’re in the “Facebook Comments” section, you’ll see this button that says, “Select a Post.” Once you click it, it will populate all the different posts that you have put on your Facebook page. Next, select the post you want to use. This will be the post that the comment needs to be left on in order to trigger the chatbot sequence.

After you’ve selected your post, you’re going to click the box beneath it in order to confirm that your post will be explicit. I usually tell people, “Leave a comment, and —- is going to be triggered into your inbox.” I’m very clear about that.

Then, scroll down and click on the drop-down box to select that you want the response to occur “Immediately” after someone leaves a comment. Then click next.

HACK: You can pre-schedule your Facebook Live broadcast and connect the Facebook Comments Growth Tool to that scheduled broadcast. This way everything is ready to go for you on the Live broadcast.

Example Manychat Sequence Comment Triggered Response

Step 3 of Automating Facebook Live with Facebook Messenger Bots: Creating the Auto-Response

Now you’ll see ManyChat already has some auto-responses for you, just as examples. Go ahead and click in the box that says “Message to Commenters” and delete the pre-written auto-response. After saying hello and acknowledging them, you want them to actually respond to your chat here and opt-in.

So an easy message for you to write is, “Hey! Are you interested in getting the Facebook Live Outline I mentioned on my show? If so, please respond to this message by saying ‘YES.’” The goal is to get them to opt-in to this sequence, just like they would for an email list, which is why I end by asking them to respond back.

Manychat Auto Response Example Set Up

Don’t feel restricted here because you can be as creative as you want. You can play with the wording. I’ve seen it done where people say, “I want to make sure that you are a real person.” Last, scroll down and click next.

Step 4 of Automating Facebook Live with Facebook Messenger Bots: Set Up Your Opt-In Activities

Once on the next page, you can select your “Opt-In Activities.” There are three options:

  1. Don’t send the opt-in message
  2. Send it to everyone who replies.
  3. Or, Send only to users who reply with a keyword.

Manychat Tutorial Opt In Activities

Go ahead and click number three because the keyword your commenters are using to trigger the sequence is “YES” (which we decided on the last step). So, in that box below the options, go ahead and type yes.

Ok. Phew. Take a breath! You still with me?

You’ve selected your keywords. Your audience has responded with a resounding “YES.” What’s next?

This next step allows you to select the content and any content upgrades that will be sent to them–for me, it’s my “Facebook Live Outline.” Look over on the right-hand side and you still see the pre-populated message created by ManyChat. Mine says, “Welcome Camberley. Thanks for subscribing. The next post is coming soon. Stay tuned.”

Kinda generic, huh? Let’s change that.

In order to change that message, go back over to the left where it says “Opt-In Message” and click the “Edit” button. The message will pop up on the left, and if you click into it, you can edit the content. I usually delete the entire pre-populated message and just say, “Hey, glad you found my content useful. Here is the cheat sheet you are looking for.”

Manychat Tutorial Editing Opt In Message

Facebook Messenger Bots Content Types

Below that, there are many different options to customize your sequence. I like to click on “Delay” and add a delay of a couple seconds, so it looks like I’m typing. You could add,

  • Delays
  • Images
  • Video Files
  • Audio Files
  • Lists
  • Ask Questions
  • Create Galleries

What I like to add when using content upgrades is a “File.” So, I click on file, and then I can directly upload that Facebook Live Outline file right into my ManyChat sequence. How easy is that?!

Interacting with your viewers on messenger and through chatbots can be super helpful in so many ways.

When I was first starting out, I actually tried to end with an open-ended question just as a way of researching my ideal customer. I wanted to learn what their problems were or where they were currently at with their live broadcasts.

So, I would deliver the piece of content and then I would simply ask a really quick question like, “Are you currently broadcasting on Facebook Live?”

When I first started, I would stop the sequence there, so that after they would respond, I could then manually go in and start live chatting with them and build a relationship with them that way.

Step 5 of Automating Facebook Live with Facebook Messenger Bots: Publish, Preview, and Test

You’re almost there! But don’t pat yourself on the back just yet, there are still a couple more steps left to take before your chatbot sequence is up and running.

The last step is super simple: just hit publish. Then, before you preview the sequence, make sure you go back to the beginning of the new growth tool by clicking “Test” (the name of the tool) up at the top. Go through each section (Settings, Auto-response, and Opt-In Activities) to make sure it all looks correct.

Manychat Tutorial How to Test Chat

If you want to see what it looks like, you can preview the chatbot sequence. Up at the top, you’ll see it says, “Preview.”

Click that button, and it will say that it was sent to your Facebook messenger.

Next, head over to your Facebook messenger inbox, take a look at your beautiful masterpiece and double check that it all looks like you want it to!

Once you’re done previewing, go back to the ManyChat page. Move up to the navigation bar along the top and click back on “Test” (the name of the growth tool you just created).

I want you to note that up along the top, right now, it’s toggled to draft. In order to activate your sequence, you have to toggle it to active.

Manychat Activating sequence

Ok. Back to Facebook. If I go to the post on Facebook that I associated with the ManyChat sequence, I can test it. First, I’m going to write a comment with the keyword we set up in the sequence: content.

Note: Use your personal Facebook account to make the comment and trigger the test.

Time to Wrap it All Up

And there you guys have it. Take a bow, maybe a drink, and give yourself a big round of applause for setting up your first chatbot sequence. Not so scary or so tough, huh?

Think it sounds pretty cool, but still wondering just how it’s going to increase your views and comments on your Facebook Live shows? It will do this in three simple ways:

  1. You’ll receive comments from your ideal customer (because they want your FREE content upgrade)
  2. Facebook will reward you for these comments by putting your video into more newsfeeds
  3. Now you’ll have more people watching your videos on replay

Still not convinced?

Let’s get technical for a second.

When the Facebook algorithm changed in January, they shifted it so that what you see in your newsfeed is more about relationships.

What does that mean for you and your business?

———–> If you want to be successful on Facebook in 2018, it really comes down to nurturing
relationships with people

———–> Adding tools like ManyChat to your Facebook Live will help you nurture those

I have built so many relationships through the inbox on my page. And it’s really simple guys. I just start the sequence with people in ManyChat, and then I follow up with them manually. That’s it!

I ask them questions, and it builds those relationships. At the same time, I gain insight into why people are struggling and how I might step in and help them.

The bottom line?

Even if you’re new to using Facebook Live Videos, I recommend using the Facebook Messenger Bots strategy. It will dramatically increase your comments and engagement on your videos, which translates into reaching more news feeds. More news feed exposure will lead to getting more views on your live videos and growing your chatbot subscribers. And more chatbot subscribers mean that, when you’re going live, you can message them and let them know that your broadcast is about to start, which in turn leads to more viewers.

It’s like one big, awesome, money-making cycle of amazingness.

Use Facebook Messenger Bots——–> more comments on videos ——-> more news feed exposure
———> more views on your live videos ——-> more comments ———-> more Facebook Messenger Bots subscribers ——–> more views on your live videos ——–> and on and on…