I recently asked my followers and my entrepreneur friends to take a survey about Facebook Live.

On this survey, I asked them  “What challenges/fears do you have surrounding Facebook Live?

One of the main themes I saw on their responses was “content”.

People feared that their content would be boring. That they would run out of content to talk about. Some even said they had no idea what topics to talk about. Can you relate?

Guess what? We’re gonna smash through that fear today!

In this article, I am going to give you some useful (and fun) ways to come up with Facebook Live topic ideas.

I know this will help y’all fight through those fears.


In this article, I am going to give you some useful (and fun) ways to come up with topic ideas for Facebook Live.


First off, let’s get all the ‘Don’ts’ out of the way. Sound good to you?


#1: Don’t create Facebook Live content without nailing down your ideal customer.

This is HUGE. Why? Because you’re gonna get on Live and realize you don’t know who you are talking to? Or, you’re gonna start talking and hit on a few things people may relate to, however, you will be missing that connection because… how does the saying go?…

Repeat after me —> “If you’re talking to everybody, you’re talking to nobody.” And it’s not just a saying. It’s a fact.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record for saying this so often, however, I really want you to catch the importance of this.


#2: Don’t talk too much about yourself on Facebook Live.

You may be thinking, “But Cam, isn’t that why I’m going on Facebook Live? To talk about what I do and get my name out there?” Sure. To a certain extent. But check it out.

When you go into a live video and focus on creating and giving value, offering information, teaching your audience something they don’t know but would really like to know, giving tips and tricks that will save them time, putting your customers and followers first above anything else, then naturally, you are going to get your name out there faster.

Think about it. Who are some of your favorite people or businesses to follow on Facebook. Why do you like following them?

Is it because they are always talking about themselves and how lovely they are? Or is it because every time you go to their page you learn something new or you are entertained by their posts?

There is a balance between promoting your brand and sharing relatable content that is subtly connected to your brand.


#3: Don’t be all sales, all the time.

Nobody likes to be sold to all the time. Give enough value and they will remember you and come back and buy.

Teach them enough, prove yourself as an expert in your industry and they will know where to come when they’re ready to purchase.

Think of some of your favorite businesses. Are they constantly selling or constantly giving value?


#4: Don’t be inconsistent on your Facebook Live publishing.

There’s that word again. It seems to always show up pretty consistently, huh. Yea, I know, bad joke. Ha!

Once you start posting good content consistently, people will start listening to what you have to say.

Ideally, you should post daily on most social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. You don’t need to post on YouTube or write a blog post each day, but each scheduled post should be consistent so that people know they can count on you!

Consistency is Key.


Now, that you know what not to do on Facebook Live, let’s focus on what you should do.

Start by finding your content marketing sweet spot.

You’ve got to keep two things in mind at all times when creating content.

What are those two things?



Your customer


your products & services.


There are so many people vying for your customer’s attention. You’ve got to create content that provides value to their life in some way. It needs to educate, inspire, or entertain. Put yourself in your client’s shoes.

I don’t know about you but I am a visual person. How about if we create a visual tool that will help you through this process.



Take a moment and draw three circles like above. Label one circle “My Ideal Customer”. Label the second “My Products & Services”, and label the third circle “Me”. In the middle, where all of the circles overlap, we’ll call it “My Content Sweet Spot”.


Venn Diagram Customer Sweetspot


Next, to the “My Ideal Customer” circle, start listing off questions you think they may ask. What do they want to know? What are their frustrations? What makes them laugh? What would help make their life easier and more enjoyable?

Now, next to the “My Products & Services” circle, start listing off things your customer needs to be educated on in regards to your product/service. For example, if you were an interior designer you may write out:

  • Bathroom Design Trends
  • Kitchen Design Trends
  • 2017 Color Trends

As an interior designer, topics like this directly correlate with your design services. Make sense?

After you’ve jotted down a few content ideas for your customer + products/services, it’s time to list out your “Me” content. Think about:

  1. Things that you LOVE. For example, if you are obsessed with “salsa” and your friends/family buy it for you when they see a new one with cool flavors or branding… put this on your “Me” list!
  2. Consider things that you do daily for your job that you could incorporate into your content. For example, if you are currently renovating the bathroom at your own house… put this on your “Me” list!

Remember: Your customer has problems and you are here to deliver solutions. So ask yourself – “What problem does my customer have? What are their frustrations and fears? What keeps them up at night? What can I teach them – or what information can I provide – that will make their life easier?

They have a problem or a need.


I have a solution.


Now, let’s dive into my favorite tools for finding content your audience craves.



BuzzSumo is fan-tas-tic! You can search by keyword or competitor. Their website allows you to see what topics are getting shared the most.

Plus you can see your competitors most shared and backlinked content. Score!

Buzzsumo Facebook Live Topic Ideas


I’m sure you’ve heard me mention Quora several times. It’s a dash of awesome sauce.

Quora is a site where people can post questions on any topic. And you lovely people, as well as all over lovelies, can jump in the forums and answer these questions.

It’s a great research tool because it lets you see what questions people in your industry are asking.

Let me show you an example.

Facebook Live Quora Example


Find at least one Facebook Group (there is no lack of Facebook Groups) where your audience likes to hang. Maybe it’s even your own Facebook Group.

Poll the people in the group and ask them about their current challenges. People love taking polls on Facebook!

You can also do your own research in Facebook Groups by typing in a word in the Facebook Group’s search bar on the left hand side. I always find such incredible information just by researching in groups. Super easy.


Don’t forget about Pinterest – the THIRD largest search engine, behind Google and YouTube. Just type your topic into the search bar at the top. When a list of pins pops up, make sure to pay extra special attention to the number of times something has been repinned. This is the way to see just how popular that content is with an audience. Don’t you just love it?

So, for example, notice the pin titled “Facebook Live Success” that has over 1,000 repins. That just goes to show you that topic is super popular among pinners and would be a great topic idea to consider.

Pinterest topics for quizzes


We can’t forget the number ONE search engine out there – Google.

Google the names of people in your industry. What content are they producing? Which content of theirs is getting the most engagement? 

Google Competition To Find Facebook Live Topics


Another easy tool for that belt is Keyword Tool

All you have to do is type your topic into the keyword tool and see what populates.

For example, if I type in “Facebook Live” I see a bunch of keywords around Facebook Live. This gives me a few Facebook Live topic ideas I could write about.

Keyword Tool For Finding Facebook Live Topics


Isn’t it so encouraging to know that there are so many ways you can always find Facebook Live topic ideas?

You have the tools you need, so now all you need to do is take that step to do the research. Find a list of topics and begin planning out your content.

Let’s go over them one more time so they are fresh in your memory.


First, the Don’ts:

  • Don’t create content without nailing down your ideal customer.
  • Don’t talk too much about yourself.
  • Don’t be all sales all the time.
  • Don’t be inconsistent.


Now for the Do’s:

  • Do find your content marketing sweet spot. Use the Venn Diagram exercise I gave you.
  • Do take advantage of all of the free tools I gave you to find topic ideas for Facebook Live your audience will fall in love with.
    • BuzzSumo
    • Quora
    • Facebook Groups
    • Pinterest
    • Google
    • Keyword Tool


A few things to remember:  

Keep things personal.

Tell lots of stories. People LOVE stories.

YOU are what differentiates your brand from the other brands they could choose from.

There is no other YOU. Never forget that. You’ve got this!

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