You’ve seen those tempting Buzzfeed quizzes on Facebook. Maybe you’ve even taken a few.

I mean, don’t you want to know if you and Jim Halpert are a match made in heaven?

Quizzes are an awesome tool for lead generation if the topic piques your audience’s attention.

Here’s the proof.

Kayla Hollatz created a quiz for her copywriting business.

Kayla Hollatz Quiz Example

On the first day she launched her quiz, she generated nearly 700 subscribers. 700, people! You can read all about her quiz results here.

However, if the topic isn’t something your audience wants to click… then it will fall flat.

The pressure of finding that perfect topic can be overwhelming. I know this from experience.

In this article, I am going to give you 6 tools that will help you find those “I need to click” quiz topics.

How To Find A Quiz Topic Your Audience Can't Help But Click

Number 1: Survey your audience

Surveys are fab-u-lous.

Before developing a quiz, I love to ask my followers for feedback via a survey.

I recently did this very thing to help me determine a topic for my Facebook Live quiz. On the survey, I asked the following open-ended questions that would allow me to collect qualitative data.

What Challenges and Fears Do You Face with Facebook Live?

Being able to see what people wrote down as their top challenges and fears helped me see that a lot of my followers were unsure if Facebook Live would help their businesses. Pretty cool insight, huh.

That’s why I developed a quiz that would allow them to see if Facebook Live was a good fit for their business.

Camberley Woods Quiz

Having the ability to survey my audience ensures that I am speaking to their needs.

Number 2: Ask for feedback in a Facebook Group

Find at least one Facebook Group where your audience likes to hang out. Maybe it’s even your own Facebook Group.

Poll the people in the Facebook group and ask them about their current challenges. People love taking polls on Facebook!

Number 3: Conduct research inside of a Facebook Group.

Again, find a relevant group. Go to the little search bar in the left hand side and type in your topic. For example, Facebook Live.

Read through the threads that populate after the search.

With this tactic there are no questions to ask, no polls to create – just search for what is already in existence. BAM!

Most of the time when I have done this I hit the information jackpot. Facebook Groups are a place where people love to ask for help and love to offer help to those who ask. You will find your audience is constantly talking about something in these groups and it is a powerful, free tool for business owners. Did someone just say free?!

Number 4: Search Forums On Quora

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Quora, let me give you a little background. Quora is a site where people can post questions on any topic.

Then, wonderful members of the universe will jump on these forums and answer these questions.

Quora is a great research tool because you can see what types of questions people are asking in regards to your product or industry.

Let me show you an example.

Facebook Live Quora Example

I recently went to and searched “Facebook Live”.

From this search, I learned that people were asking questions about how to stream pre-recorded videos, how to see who watched and if it is an effective tool for social media marketing.

Number 5: Pay Attention To Content On Pinterest

I am sure you have heard me say this before, but it’s most definitely worth mentioning again.

Pinterest is the THIRD largest search engine, behind Google and YouTube.

Pinners are using the platform to search for products, inspiration, ideas, advice and more – and this is EXACTLY what you are going to do for your quiz as well.

Just type your topic into the search bar at the top. When a list of pins pop up, make sure to pay extra special attention to the number of times something has been repinned. This will show just how popular that content is with an audience.

Pinterest topics for quizzes

For example, notice the pin titled “Facebook Live Success” that has over 1,000 repins. You could take that pin topic, put a ‘quiz spin’ on the topic and say something like, “Will Facebook Live Be a Successful Tool for Your Business?” or “What is Your Facebook Live Superpower?” Just have fun with it but also keep in mind your end goal.

Number 6: Search Keywords or Competitors on BuzzSumo

Try using BuzzSumo to research topics. Their website allows you to see what topics are getting shared the most. Plus, you can see your competitors most shared & backlinked content.

For instance, if I want to see Neil Patel’s most shared content this past year, I could go to BuzzSumo’s website and search And I’d get the following results:

Using BuzzSumo for Facebook Live Content Ideas


Once you’ve decided on your topic, it’s time to build your quiz.

My favorite quiz software is Interact. Their tool makes it super easy to design and distribute your quiz. Best part is, no coding required!

Before I go any further I want to disclose that I am an Interact partner, but I used the program long before I decided to work with them.

Interact has three main types of quizzes.

  1. Personality
  2. Assessment
  3. Scored (Tallied)

They even have pre-made quizzes to choose from so you don’t have to give it too much thought. You can customize within the quiz the copy, images, title – everything is fully customizable so you can make it your own.

Interact quiz template examples

When people fill out the quiz, they will be sent to a page that captures their email address before they can see the results. And voila – you’ve got your email list growing.

Interact also has the ability to integrate with several email software services. So, once people take the quiz, you can funnel them into different email sequences depending on their results.

Seriously, after 1 hour of planning + 1 hour of building your quiz (also factor in the time it will take you to build out your email sequences) you could could have a powerful email list building tool.

If you want to see some of Interact’s quizzes in action, then visit their Examples page. And take a few quizzes while you’re at it. 😉


Now you are on your way to creating your first quiz!

Let’s just quickly review the new tools you have in your social media tool belt for helping you find those “I need to click” quiz topics.

  1. Survey your audience.
  2. Ask for feedback in a Facebook Group.
  3. Conduct research inside a Facebook Group.
  4. Search forums on Quora.
  5. Search Pinterest and pay attention to the number of repins.
  6. Search keywords or competitors on BuzzSumo.

If you want to give quiz building a shot, then you can get started with a FREE Interact account. trial

I would love to hear how your quiz turns out and the results it brings! If you sign-up, please come back here and let me know how it goes.

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