Nobody’s makin’ the big bucks by pitching their products to an empty room.

If you’re a small business owner with a little boutique, restaurant, or car repair garage, it’s pretty easy to tell when you have no customers…

———–> no one’s walking through the front door.

But, in the age of social media where regardless of your own following, you are still bombarded with hundreds of posts a day, that amount of newsfeed traffic can give the illusion that your actual audience is bigger than it really is.

It’s time to face facts: if you want to be successful in online marketing, you gotta have a tribe to which you can market. I’m not just talking about an audience or following. If you want to sell your goods using social media, you need to have a base of dedicated fans that are true ideal customers.

How to Grow Your Tribe Using Facebook Love

And no one is exempt—this principle applies to both the big time players and the small little fish. All the big brands became household names because they intentionally focused on growing their tribe.

Now, you don’t need to have a large tribe to start making money, but you do have to have at least a small audience that will listen when you pitch your products or services.

But the real key when you grow your tribe using Facebook Live is quality over quantity.

It’s better to have 1,000 quality followers than 10,000 people who might not fit your ideal customer persona. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter if you have a huge following of people if they’re not the type of people who are going to purchase your product/service.

Good news: if you’re reading this, you’re already a part of MY tribe (only the coolest group of kickass entrepreneurs on the planet!). And as you probably know by now, I LOVE helping my tribe members succeed in the big, scary world of social media marketing by giving them as many tips of the trade as I have in my toolbelt.

So, while you’re here, I want to explain the four strategies I used to hook you into my loyal following using Facebook Live—tactics that you can use to grow your tribe using Facebook Live.


Grow Your Tribe Using Facebook Live

STEP 1 : Increase Your Facebook Messenger Bot Subscribers (FIRST)

If you haven’t yet grown your tribe (or even if you have a following already, but you’re trying to find a cheaper way to snag more audience members), this is the place you need to start.

This step is the front door to your tribe growth.

And this step will help you grow your tribe using Facebook Live faster AND at a lower cost. $$$

Using a ManyChat account, you can set up Comment Growth Tools to deliver content upgrades to your ideal customer automatically on Facebook Live. Once you have comment growth tools in place, you can mention your content upgrades in your Facebook Live broadcasts, and then let the bots put the delivery of that content on autopilot. 


Example Manychat Growth Tool Facebook Comment Set Up

If you want to grow your tribe using Facebook Live, then there are a few reasons why tactic should be your number 1 go-to move.

  1. First, messenger bot subscribers are cheaper to obtain than email subscribers. While it costs you a whopping $6 to acquire an email subscriber (through Facebook ad campaigns), you’re only looking at spending about $1 per customer for a messenger subscriber (using the same marketing strategy).
  2. Second, messenger subscribers have a much higher open rate than email subscribers. Messenger subscribers tend to be more engaged than your typical email subscriber. For that reason, it’s common to have an 80% open rate with messenger bot messengers (including broadcasts, sequences, content upgrades, etc.). In comparison, when it comes to email marketing, you’re lucky if you get a measly little 30% open rate—a rate that is quite good and not typical by any means.
  3. Third, you can kill two birds with one stone by using your bot subscriber list to grow your email list at a lower cost than you would otherwise. (For more on this, check out Tip #2.)


Grow Your Tribe Using Facebook Live

STEP 2 : Use Facebook Messenger Bots to Expand Your Email List

What’s great about Facebook messenger communication is that you can inadvertently snatch more email contacts by giving your audience members options for how they would like to continue future communication.

Once people engage with you on Facebook Live, you can funnel them into Facebook messenger by hooking them in with access to content.

For example, you might say during your Facebook Live broadcast:

>>>>Hey! I have this __________ (content upgrade: 3-Day Challenge/roadmap/guide) to offer   


>>>>How would you like me to deliver this _________ (content upgrade)?

>>>>Email or FB Messenger?

Manychat Tutorial How to Test Chat

What I have found is that about 60% to 70% of those people will say email.

This is huge!!! (Are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?!?)

If your messenger subscribers are asking to receive upgrades through email, then that means more than half of your Facebook messenger subscribers will now also be…

————————-> EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS as well!

With just one mention during a Facebook live, you’re adding them as a subscriber in two different places. And this is key because the more subscribers you can get, the more you’ll grow your tribe using Facebook Live.

Adding them to both subscriber lists is key if you want to convert potential customers into actual ones because the lists act as two important touch points.

On average, your brand or business needs to have at least seven or more different touch points with a person in order to convert them into a customer. Now obviously, you have to factor a wealth of other details, like the price point of your product (for instance, you might get away with only two touch points if you have a lower-priced product). But in general, seven is your lucky touch-point number.

The more ways you can get people to interact with you, and the more touches you can have with them, the faster and easier you’re going to be able to sell them your product and make those big bucks.

So, for example, when I’m working on marketing campaigns for a company, I’m making sure to touch people via…

  1. Social Media Content (and Facebook Lives)
  2. Facebook messenger
  3. Email
  4. Facebook ads (targeted to customers already in our database whose demographics fit the ad’s ideal audience)
  5. Phone calls (by sales reps. returning inquiries about sample requests)

With those five outlets, you can easily hit those coveted seven touchpoints and beyond.  And what’s really amazing is that the touchpoints above have a sort of domino effect.

See if you can follow me here.

  • Using Facebook Live content you can grow your ———> Facebook messenger subscribers.
  • Facebook messenger subscribers lead you to get more ———–> email subscribers.
  • When you have email subscribers you can target them with  ——————–> Facebook ads.
  • Through Facebook ads you can retarget these leads through the decision-making process and get them on a ———> sales call.



Email is not DEAD

Now, if you’re one of those social-media-holics who only want to use Facebook Messenger to connect to potential customers, you gotta listen up.

——————-> Stop hating on email!

I talk to SO many entrepreneurs that say to me, “I HATE getting emails! The junk just clogs up my inbox. I don’t even check them! Why should I invest all this time and money growing my email list when I know that my customers aren’t even going to open my messages??”

Ok, Ok, Ok. Now it’s time for a little #real talk.

I get that you don’t like email, but, guess what?!? … it works!!

Email subscribers have a $38 return on investment. That means that for every measly-little dollar you spend hustling for email addresses, you are going to make a whopping $38.

That is literally the definition of something being worth your time.


Grow Your Tribe Using Facebook Live

STEP 3 : Promote Your Facebook Group on Your Lives

Facebook groups are a great place to grow a community and to really get people in your community engaging with each other, getting to know their fellow group peers, and clamoring for super-secret content upgrades that you reserve just for your loyal groupies.

Facebook groups also serve as a versatile platform to promote your business. You can run courses or challenges, host Q&As, sell products, deliver content, and much more.

But how can you get more people to join up??!?

—————> Lookie here, folks: you’ve got to start promoting your group during your live shows.

It’s time to start using your Facebook Lives as an opportunity to multi-task. While you’re pitching your product/service, you also need to mention your amazing Facebook group (…as much as you can without crossing the persistent/annoying line).

If you’ve seen ANY of my live broadcasts, you already know that I’m always promoting my group… because it works!

I am constantly saying to my viewers, “Hey! If you’re not a member of the FB Live Lab, come and join me over there. I give out content that you can’t get anywhere else. And you have a community of other Facebook livers, who are trying to learn Facebook live marketing just like you, so you can feel supported.”


Just saying that on my weekly Facebook lives has dramatically and organically grown my subscribers. Every day I get people sending me group member requests, and it’s because I promote primarily on my live shows.

And Facebook allows you some really great tools for directing people to your group without having to repeat yourself over and over.

For example, sometimes I will put my group page URL in the comments section of a live video and then pin the comment to the top. That way there’s always a visual marker directing people to my group as well as a convenient link they can click on to get there.

I also put links to my Facebook group in the description section of my live shows. That’s another great way to direct people to your group page.

One last (and super easy) way I get more people to join my Facebook group is to incorporate the URL and page information into your Facebook messenger bot content. For instance, if someone is interacting with my bot via messenger to seek a content upgrade (etc.), I will include in the sequence, “Are you a member of the FB live lab? If not, you might be interested in joining us over here.”


Grow Your Tribe Using Facebook Live

STEP 4: Turn Your Facebook Live Videos into Facebook Ads

When you are first starting out with Facebook marketing, and you’re just learning how to grow your tribe using Facebook Live, one of the best ways to build a following is to take your Facebook live recordings and turn them into ads.

Hands down, this is one of the cheapest ways to get a warm audience started on Facebook. This simple tactic will allow you to lower your costs while simultaneously growing your tribe.

Using your lives as ads will also allow you to organically boost likes to your group page because people will see your video ad content in their news feeds.

Now, let’s step back for a minute and break down this whole warm/cold audience thing.


When you run Facebook ads, you have several types of audiences. Using Facebook lives as video ads will help you warm up cold audiences at a very low cost.

  • Cold audiences are groups of people you have never interacted with before.

For example, I can see that people who like MY content also like Mari Smith on Facebook (Facebook has some super cool tools that allow you to see things like this… but more on this later). So, I decide to run a Facebook ad targeted to Mari Smith’s audience (using those super cool FB ad tools I mentioned), even though I have never sent them any content before (so they are a cold audience). I decided that anybody who is following her is going to see my FB live video. When people watch that video, they will then become a warm audience because they have had a touch point with me. This is one way you can use your Facebook Lives as ads to help you interact with a cold audience.


  • Warm audiences are people with whom you have interacted a little bit.

For those of you who haven’t spent much time on the backside of your Facebook business page, I have to tell you… Facebook has some pretty amazing tools for targeting your ideal audience. Facebook actually allows you to create certain ad audiences based on different interests. And what’s also incredible is that these audiences are constantly being updated by Facebook based on audience member behavior.

For instance, I can go into the backside of my Facebook and select an audience for my upcoming ad based on their previous interactions with my content. I can say, give me anybody who has watched 25% of these specific 5 videos (that I can then pick). Facebook will then tell me, you’ve got 3,000 people who’ve watched 25% of those five videos—this is your warm audience. I can then target this warm audience with a second ad (maybe one that encourages them to join my challenge or grab my latest content upgrade). Targeting your warm audience with your Facebook-live-driven video ads will help move them to a hot audience.

By putting $5, $10, $20 into turning your Facebook Live shows into Facebook Ads, you can easily grow warm audiences on Facebook in such a cheap way. Once you have a larger warm audience whom you can then target, it will allow you to convert those viewers into customers at a lower cost.


Quick disclaimer time, business peeps.

When people ask me about using this strategy, I always advise them to get their other ducks in a row before taking the time to turn their Facebook Lives into ads.




Why would I dangle this awesome-little carrot of a strategy in front of you and then snatch it away?!

There’s a pretty good reason.

If you haven’t taken the time to grow your tribe, design content upgrades, and set up your ManyChat account, then you’re just going to be wasting your time and your money.

When you DO have these systems in place, you pretty seamlessly rake in the cash (and on autopilot at that).


It works like this…

———> You spend time and money recording your live video.

———> You also spend money turning your live videos into ads.


In return…

———> You get lots of views.

———> You mention your content upgrade in your Facebook Live.

———> Your audience members hear your mention, realize they want your content upgrade,

  and leave you a comment on messenger.

———> Your chatbot delivers the content without any work on your part, AND you get new

  messenger subscribers.


Now, if you DON’T have very many followers, you haven’t created content upgrades, and you haven’t set up a ManyChat account, then the scenario looks a little different.

It works like this…

———> You spend time and money recording your live video.

———> You also spend money turning your live videos into ads.


In return…

———> You get some views.

———> You get some engagement (comments or reactions).

———> You might get a few page likes.


In a nutshell, if you don’t have followers, content upgrades, and ManyChat in place, you’re paying for brand visibility, views, reactions, or possible page likes. BUT, if you DO have this whole system in place, then your money is also being spent on getting more messenger subscribers (aka potential customers aka the people who give you money for stuff).


So, if you’re looking for ways to grow your tribe using Facebook Live, you better start by following these four key strategies:

  1. Increase Your Facebook Messenger Bot Subscribers (FIRST)
  2. Use Facebook Messenger Bots to Expand Your Email List
  3. Promote Your Facebook Group on Your Lives
  4. Turn Your Facebook Live Videos into Facebook Ads


You’re a busy entrepreneur. It’s time to get multitasking and outsourcing by using ManyChat to automate your customer interactions and grow your tribe using Facebook Live!


Ok, I think you’re ready! Now go out there and rake in those tribe members!!

Not so fast… always remember: when you grow your tribe using Facebook Live… it’s about quality over quantity.