Sitting down in front of a camera and broadcasting yourself in front of a live audience can be, well… ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING!

What am I going to say?! What if I have food in my teeth?! What if everybody sees my giant sweat stains?!

… There are so many things to worry about.

What can be even more daunting–not to mention discouraging–is showing up on Facebook Live week after week and watching your viewer counts jump from…

  • 0 to 1
  • back to 0
  • up to 1
  • back down to 0
  • and “way back up,” ending with a measly 3 (including your mom… and your cat)

I mean, that can really play with your mind, right?

Up until now, you had been patting yourself on the back. You had overcome your fears of looking like a total idiot in front of (what you thought would be) tons of people. You’re showing up on Facebook Live, week after week, delivering content that you’ve put your heart and soul into, and after ALL THAT…

———————>  no one is showing up and joining you.

Pouring your heart out to an empty room can really mess with your confidence and it can make you feel like you’re putting in all this effort for no return.

So, today I’m going to give you some tried and true tactics that I have used to increase Facebook Live viewers.

First Things First: A Facebook Live Show Versus a Broadcast

Before we jump into today’s content, I want to go back to this topic of a Facebook Live show. Now, there is a difference between hopping on Facebook Live and doing a broadcast versus having a show.

  • A Facebook Live broadcast is when you’re jumping onto Facebook Live for an individual video
  • A Facebook Live show is when you have a reoccurring set date and time that you show up on Facebook Live to teach about a specific topic or fill a specific need for a niche. When making a show, you’re showing up week after week to talk about your products, your services, your educational information, or whatever else you want to show your viewers.

For example, I have a Facebook Live show about live marketing with me, Camberley Woods. I show up on Thursdays at 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.

That is my date.

That is my time.

And THAT is the key: same time, same place. No matter what.

How to increase your Facebook Live viewers

The way I run my show is I set up topic series. Right now, the topic series that I’m doing on my Facebook Live show is about, well… Facebook Live shows.

After my current “Facebook Live Shows” series, I may do a series on how to grow your email list using Facebook Live, and I could have a two-part or a three-part series specifically around email list-building. Then I could move into a series about using Facebook ads in conjunction with Facebook Live and do a series on that.

So, when I’m talking about the tactics for getting people to watch you on Facebook Live, it’s really about trying to transform your broadcasts into shows. If you take your Facebook Live broadcasts and really commit to turning them into a recurring show, it’s going to help you with the momentum of increasing Facebook Live viewers.

Second Things Second: Structuring Your Facebook Live Show to Increase Facebook Live Viewers

If you want to take your broadcasts and make them into a real show, you need to stop and think: how are you going to set up your Facebook Live show?

Could you create a series?

Or, if you’re showing up on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week, maybe Tuesdays you’re doing a Q&A session and Wednesdays is when you do a masterclass, for example.  That would mean every Wednesday you show up and you do a deep dive into a topic. There are so many options. Those are just two different ways you could structure your live show.

For example, here are some of the  categories that I use to bucket my content into:

Structuring Your Videos Into Topics


Time for Some Tactics: Getting More People to Show Up for your Facebook Live Show so you Increase Facebook Live Viewers

Ok, so here we go. Let’s dive into this. Let’s talk about how to drive people to your broadcast week after week.

We just talked about the difference between a show and a broadcast. To recap, a show is recurring and it’s around a theme or a niche; a broadcast is when you just hop on and you are going live.

So, when I hop onto live, it will just be one broadcast within my show.

FACEBOOK LIVE SHOW HACK: On your broadcasts, tell viewers about your show and remind them what day and time each week you’re live on Facebook Live.

#1 Way to increase Facebook Live Viewers: Promote, Promote, Promote

Think about TV shows–networks NEVER promo a TV just once, right? No, they shove it in the viewers face every chance they get.

It’s super important that you’re constantly promoting your Facebook Live shows and broadcasts because you want people to show up repeatedly.

Why? Great question!

Because Facebook values pages where they see people creating content with repeat consumers.

I know what you’re thinking: “… Huh? What does that mean for me?”

What Does That Mean For Me


It means that if the uber-geniuses that run Facebook see that you are showing up on Facebook Live consistently, and you’re getting the same people to show up and watch your broadcasts and shows–meaning they are intentionally coming to your page–it’s going to help you get into more news feeds.

That is why it’s important that you’re constantly promoting your shows and broadcasts: to get people to show up repeatedly.

Repeat after me: more repeat visitors to your Facebook lives, more reach via newsfeeds, increase your Facebook Live viewers.

#2 Way to increase Facebook Live Viewers: Set Up Events

There are several places where you can promote your Facebook broadcasts. The first place I like to do this is within an event page. Now I have set up my events for my show based on my topic series. Like mentioned before, you could just have one event for all your shows. Or you could set up individual events for all of your different types of broadcasts. I know several people that I teach who use this tactic each week. So, you have lots of options: you could do a whole show event, an individual event, or a series event.

If you want to see a great example of how I set up events for my Facebook Live broadcasts, check out my Facebook page.  If you go to my page, and you go to “events,” you’re going to see the “Live Marketing Show” has two more events listed right now. And when you click on this, you’re going to see the dates left for my “Live Marketing Show” topic. This is where I provided people the details about the topics I will cover on each show: here’s how to grow a Facebook live show in 2018, here’s how to come up with your topics, and here’s how to get people to show up.

#2 Way to Get People to Show Up for your Facebook Live Show: Set Up Events


Now I’m able to take these events and put them into my Facebook group. I could share them and remind people on my Facebook page when they’re coming up soon.

Now here’s a super cool little hack for you guys. The people that respond to the event and say they are interested will get a notification right before your live show that says… “Your event is starting soon.”

#3 Way to increase Facebook Live Viewers: Pre-schedule Your Broadcasts

Another great way to get more people to join you during your live shows is to pre-schedule your broadcasts.  This is something that I do and have found really successful. You can do this within Facebook or with other tools like Be Live TV.

What’s so cool is that you can now take that Facebook url for your prescheduled show and blast that to drum up attendance.  Once you blast that url through all your marketing channels, people can click on that link prior to the broadcast, during the broadcast, or even after the broadcast, and they’ll go directly to that Facebook Live video. Also, the url doesn’t change after the broadcast is over, so people will always be able to find your video.

How can you actually use the url in your promo schedule?

I do this in a couple of different ways. I take that pre-scheduled link, and I share it to my email list that same day. I write an email, and I send that link out to my email subscribers. You can send the link out to your chatbot subscribers. 

Let’s recap. You can blast that pre-scheduled link it in lots of cool ways:

  1. Email it to your email list
  2. Send it to chatbot subscribers
  3. Promo it in a Facebook group
  4. Share it in an event page
  5. Create social media updates to put on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

So there you have it, folks. When you start to incorporate these tactics of promoting your show and your broadcast week after week, it really, really pays off. You’re gonna see that you get more views on your videos and Great Aunt Gladys and your dear, sweet mom aren’t the only ones watching.

If you’re still feeling unsure about how to create Facebook Live Shows that get people coming back for more, download my “Facebook Live Getting Started Guide“.