A lot of people hear about the amazing things Facebook Live shows can do for their business.

Live broadcasts can boost engagement → which lead to greater reach in newsfeeds → which leads to more eyes on your Facebook Business Page → which oftentimes translates into more business for you.

For all those reasons and more, Facebook Live can be an invaluable marketing tool for so many people.

But guess what guys?

Despite it’s amazing-ness, Facebook Live is NOT a fix-all marketing solution for everybody.

Sorry–there’s no amount of Facebook Live fairy dust that’s going to bippity-boppity-boo your company into immediate success. I wish… 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first person to sing praises about Facebook Live shows. But I also want to help you guys understand just under what circumstances Facebook Live shows are right for you.

So, that is the big question we’re going to try to tackle today: are Facebook Live shows right for you, right now?

Is a Facebook Live show right for you...right now?

I want to talk to you about six ways you’ll know if you’re ready to turn on that camera and start promoting your business with a live show.

#1 Facebook Live Shows are Right for You If: You are Trying to Discover WHO Your Ideal Customer Is

Facebook Live shows are ideal for people who are at a spot on in their business where they need to know more about their ideal customer.

How? You might ask.

It’s simple really: a Facebook Live show allows you to connect with potential ideal customers and ask them questions.

When you create a show, you hop online, and you start to share your message or you start to educate people about your business. Doing so allows you to get more people conversing with you and having this open dialogue either during your Facebook Live show or in your Facebook messenger inbox.

Having this type of engagement–where people are leaving comments–is a great opportunity for you to follow up with your viewers and ask questions.

You can talk directly to your potential customers and begin to ask them questions like…

  • What kind of business are you in?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • What types of products and services do you sell?

Why is this so important?

It’s going to give you clarity about your target audience.

I know what you’re thinking: isn’t this a little backward? Don’t I need to know my target audience before I even go live for the first time?

Don’t worry! A Facebook Live show is a great tool to use to help you niche yourself down.

#2 Facebook Live Shows are Right for You If: You are Trying to Create Your First Product

Now, let’s say you’re also in a spot where you have identified your ideal customer, but you’re still kind of on the edge as to what product or offer you are going to promote during your live show.

Again, Facebook Live is perfect for you because when you hop on a broadcast, you can start to ask people questions.

Once you get that dialogue going with your customers, you’ll start to recognize some common problems that are coming up for people as it relates to the topic you are discussing. When you start to notice this recurrence of issues in your viewers, it will help you better connect with and serve them.


Your interactions will serve as market research, so that you can go out there and create products and services that are actually going to serve the people who are hopping onto your Facebook Live show.

AND, because you’ve already done the research, you know what products they want and what their problems are.

Perfect! You to the rescue! Now, you can give them an offer or product that will solve that problem or issue.

#3 Facebook Live Shows are Right for You If: You Need to Create Content for Your Business

Ok, don’t be scared. Take a deep breath and listen closely.

One of the hardest jobs in online marketing is content creation.

Am I right or am I right?

From writing blog posts, to scheduling social media updates, to shooting video–being a kick-ass social media guru is time-consuming.

And that’s why Facebook Live is so great! It removes a lot of the heavy lifting that goes into content creation because it eliminates editing, which is one of the biggest time consumers of pre-recorded video.

Venn Diagram Customer Sweetspot

It also eliminates writer’s block. You know, when you sit down at you computer, and you immediately feel frozen. Your head is spinning with questions you can’t answer. What do I write about? What am I going to say today? You know you’re wasting valuable minutes… but your mind is blank.

A Facebook Live show eliminates all of that!

Why? Because you outline your content, you hop on the live, and you just start to speak.

Still want the physical proof that you did all that hard work? There are lots of ways you can use your Facebook Live show as the nucleus in your content creation efforts:

  • You can then take your Facebook Live recording and embed that into your website.
  • You could take the captions from your Facebook Live video, export them, and turn them into a blog post.
  • You can also take that Facebook Live video and turn it into an ad.
  • You could slice your live broadcast down into little video teaching nuggets and use them as pre-recorded videos to promote your business.

All of those solutions eliminate time overall–I promise, promise, promise you.  I am one of those people who used to sit down at my computer and I feel so overwhelmed by the thought of writing a 2000-word blog post that also had to rank on Google. I knew the ideas I wanted to get across, but I got stuck thinking, “How do I say them creatively?”

Facebook Live really helps you with that because you have a template to go off of when creating those daunting blog posts.

Still worried about how to create killer content for your Facebook Live broadcast? Read my blog post, How to Come Up with Facebook Live Topic Ideas, for more inspiration.

#4 Facebook Live Shows are Right for You If: You Know You Need to be Creating Video Content… But You Don’t Have the Budget

We all know that video consumption is on the rise year after year.

What does that mean for your business?

If you don’t have a video strategy in place for your business, you are going to fall behind once we get to 2020 – 2021.

So, the great thing about Facebook Live is that if you don’t have a large video budget right now or the time to sit down, record video, edit it, and slice it, Facebook Live show is a great solution for you.


Why? When you hop on Facebook Live, it’s one and done. One quick broadcast and no editing.

Now, this can be hard if you are a perfectionist like myself, but you will get over that in time. Listen to me: you’re going to get more comfortable on camera. You’re going to be OK with stumbling over your words.

Whenever I go to shoot a pre-recorded video, I feel like it has to be perfect. So, when I stumble on my words, I reshoot the lines. But when I hop on Facebook Live, and I stumble on my words, I’m like, “Oh well, I can’t do anything about it.”

So,  if you’re one of those perfectionists like me, then Facebook Live show is a good fit for you.

Worried that getting the necessary gear for a Facebook Live show is going to break the bank? In my Facebook Live Starter Guide, I show you all the necessary equipment that will help you get started without busting your budget: 

#5 Facebook Live Shows are Right for You If: You Want to be a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Ok. Let’s move on to #5. Facebook live is a good fit for you if you want to gain status as a thought leader in your industry. And, come on, who doesn’t!?

Everybody loves a good example right? Let’s talk about a friend of mine.

I have a friend named Joe, and Joe is a real estate agent. Now, Joe hasn’t done a lot of Facebook Live broadcasts, but he has done a couple. On one of the Facebook Lives that he did, he sat down with his broker, and they started to talk about the things that you need to get in place before you can qualify for your home loan.

So they sat down, they did this Facebook Live, and a couple months later, his broker went to go and buy a house… and do you know what happened?

His broker had dozens of real estate agents he could have selected to help him by his home, but he specifically chose Joe because he saw Joe as a thought leader in the real estate space.

Now there are great benefits to being perceived as a thought leader in your industry, and it’s also one of the differentiators that’s going to set you apart from other people in your space.

So why not use Facebook Live to make that happen?

Facebook Live will not only help you reach that thought leader status, but it will also help you build trust with your audience. When your potential customers see you on screen (sweat stains, stumbling over words, spinach in your teeth and all), they feel that they can relate to you a little bit easier than if they just see a picture-perfect image you’ve doctored up for your website.

During a live broadcast, people can hear your voice, they can see your movements, and it really helps build that trust.

#6 Facebook Live Shows are Right for You If: You Want to Sell Your Product/Service

Now there are a couple different meanings behind the word “sell” here.

Still in the presale stage and feeling like a live show won’t work for your business?

Would Facebook Live Work For Me

A Facebook Live show is right for you EVEN  if you are in that pre-sell stage where you’re getting ready to launch a course or program. Even if you haven’t launched your products just yet, you can use Facebook Live to build trust with your potential customers and to gain status as a thought leader in your industry (see #5).

You can also turn your Facebook Live videos into ads and start to build warm audiences. That way, when you actually launch, you have a warm audience that you can re-target with Facebook ads, which will then lower your cost per conversion.

Now, let’s say you are a Lularoe consultant. I have a lot of Lularoe consultants in my Facebook group as well as other people who run home-based businesses, like Paparazzi Jewelry. A lot of these people have found that hopping onto Facebook Live and selling their products is a much better use of their time than a pop-up shop where they have to package up everything, drive to the location, set it all up, and hope that there’s a great turnout.

I mean, I even say this about conferences.

I have a lot of clients who are still paying big bucks to attend live conferences, sometimes so that they can speak at one of the sessions.  There’s so much that goes into getting a coveted spot at those conferences:

  • $ Conference ticket
  • $ Travel costs
  • $ Hotel room
  • $ Food

Then, you get up in the morning, go to the thing, and you might have 10 measly viewers or attendees in the classroom. #wasteoftime

Facebook Live, on the other hand, is powerful because you don’t have to pay for any of the costs associated with a big, fancy conference.  You don’t have to pay for those travel fees. AND you’re not having to brown nose people to even get selected to go speak.

Instead, you outline your content, you hop on Facebook Live, and even on a slow day, you’re most likely going to be seen by more than those lousy 10 people who might have attended your live event.  And, with replays, your Facebook Live show can be seen by viewers again and again. What’s also great about selling on Facebook Live is that you can share a promo code during your broadcast and direct people to your website. That way, you can track your sales as they relate to your live show.

So, if you want to directly sell your products online, Facebook Live is a great way to do it.  

Have I lost you yet? We’re almost done. Now it’s time to recap.

How will you know if a Facebook Live show is right for your business, right now? There are six easy ways to figure it out.

  1. You are Trying to Discover WHO Your Ideal Customer Is
  2. You are Trying to Create Your First Product
  3. You Need to Create Content for Your Business
  4. You Know You Need to be Creating Video Content… But You Don’t Have the Budget
  5. You Want to be a Thought Leader in Your Industry
  6. You Want to Sell Your Product/Service

Still worried that you’re going to do all the wrong things when you finally decide to try out Facebook Live? Read my article, 10 Cringe-Worthy Mistakes You’re Making on Facebook Live, to learn about all the wrong moves you should avoid when you finally decide to take the digital leap.