The Complete Guide To Using Instagram Live for your business or blog


If you’ve been following me online, you’ve probably heard me say that Live video marketing is where…it’s…at! Live video is a more recent feature for social media platforms, and it is expected to have crazy success. This means awesome marketing opportunities for your business.

Not only is Live video a huge trend for Facebook users, but Instagram recently released Live Video.

Ready to see a-MAZ-ing Live video stats?!

Here we go.

By 2020, it’s expected that 90% of the online content we consume will be video. This is especially true for social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram.

It’s crazy to believe, but according to the VP of Facebook, Nicola Mendelsohn, your newsfeed will be nothing but video within the next five years. Even current statistics show that Facebook users consume 100 million hours of video on mobile devices. Whoa.

And if that’s not impressive enough, check out these Live video statistics:

2017 Video Marketing Content Stats

  • Live videos have ten times more comments than pre-recorded videos and social videos. This generates a whopping 1200% more social media shares than text and images combined.
  • Video increases conversions by 80% when included on a landing page.
  • Consumers are four times more likely to watch a video to learn more about a product and 96% of consumers find videos way helpful when making purchase decisions.

What makes Instagram Live an awesome feature?

Instagram Live video is one of Instagram’s newest features. It was just released in December 2016.
The awesome advantage to Instagram is that it’s a growing community. It’s currently in its prime with 600 million active monthly users and 300 million active daily users. Wowzas! Add in Live video and it’s a highly beneficial marketing platform for businesses.

Pros of Instagram Live

It personalizes your brand and allows followers to connect with the people behind your business.
Instagram Live is brand new! This means Instagram is putting a lot of effort into educating users on this new feature. When you currently go Live, Instagram sends out a notification to all of your followers to check out your video.

Get noticed! Instagram users in the U.S. can discover your brand under the Explore tab if you get featured in the “Top Live” section.


Featured as Top LIVE video on Instagram discover feed


Cons of Instagram Live

What may be a not-so-pleasant feature is that Instagram Live video disappears once the broadcast ends. Similar to SnapChat, there’s no way to replay or store the video. Disappearing videos or images are often referred to as ephemeral.

Instagram Live Cheat Sheet


How to Get Prime Time Attention for your Live Video

Alright then, it’s now time to get down to the nitty gritty to help you create a fabulous Instagram Live video.
First, what time of day should you go live? I recommend updating your Instagram to an Instagram business account. This will unlock a whole bunch of analytical features for you, including Instagram Insights that shows you just how people are viewing your content.

Instagram Business Profile Insights on best day/time to share content

You’ll be able to gather info on which posts are most popular with your audience and track “Follower Activity” to determine what time of day your followers are most likely to be on Instagram. This is incredibly useful information to form your Instagram Live video strategy.

Second, promote when you’re going live. Like with all content marketing, it’s crucial to be consistent with your posts. Don’t post randomly, but choose a day and time that you will consistently do Live Video and show up! Your followers will appreciate the set schedule.

Third, let your followers know when to expect your content. Post a “story” on Instagram ahead of your Live video and highlight when you’ll be going live and what you’ll be talking about that day.

Ready to go Live?!

How to start a live video on Instagram

It’s super easy.

Swipe right from the feed to open the camera. Select “Live” and tap the “Start Live Video” button to start sharing. Your Live video can last up to one hour. You can also “pin a comment” to the top of the video or disable comments. The choice is yours on the level of engagement.

8 Types of Content that “Kill It” On Instagram Live

Now, let’s talk content. You gotta have stellar content to make your Live video shine! But, where do you begin? There are many great ways to create engaging Live video content. An important element to keep in mind is how you will engage your ideal customer. They should always be at the center of your ideas as you work to create compelling content.

8 Types of Content That Kill It On Instagram Live

How To and DIY

Do you want to educate your followers? Then, create a “how to” or tutorial video. You can share your valuable knowledge and become known as an expert in your field by creating compelling DIY Live videos.


You may want do some behind-the-scenes Live videos to give your customers an opportunity to connect with your brand. Or get really casual with conversation and chat about last night’s Bachelor episode or share a new recipe you tried for dinner. This is a great way to initiate comments on your Live video among your followers.

Q&A Sessions

Incorporate Q&A strategy to increase engagement. This allows you to answer questions in real-time and help build strong relationship with your followers as you have a Live conversation with them.

Host a Live Interview

Interview a friend or fellow business owner on a topic related to your business. Or, host a “flash interview” and ask a person you meet at an event to answer a few questions for a short Live video interview.

Broadcast a Live Event

Want to inform your followers about a conference you’re attending? Broadcast some of the event through Live video. If you have a musical talent to share, show it off! Live video is a fun way to give your followers an inside look at the faces behind your business and this isn’t limited to just talking about your products.

Stream Online Sales

This is a great way to create online sales by sharing some of your favorite products during a Live video. People often comment on the products and can even make a purchase!

Give a Tour

Do you have a cute shop to show off? Or are you attending a fair that your followers would love to check out? Give a tour through Live video. Of course, make sure it’s okay with the manager or owner of the location if it’s not your own place.

Breaking News

Discuss “hot topics” or breaking news with your followers. This helps build a deeper connection as you share your thoughts and ideas.

Bottom line for content

Focus on engagement. Your content should tie in with your brand, but should also be able to initiate conversation and comments on your Live video. The possibilities are endless! And as you experiment, you’ll find what form of content works best for your followers.


Bonus Round: Drum roll, please…

Instagram Live Marketing Hack

Offer expiring content

I have been known to say that email marketing has the best return on investment of any tactic out there. Email strategy has been observed as a highly effective marketing tactic for quite some time. In fact, the Direct Marketing Association found that for every $1 you spend on email, you will receive an average of $38 back.

So as you build out your Instagram Live strategy, put email list building at the center of your strategy. The best way to do this is by offering “Expiring Content.”

Use your Instagram Live video as a way to guide your followers to an incredible offer, download or article. Choose compelling information that will motivate your followers to want to take action. Tell your followers that the exciting offer or download is only available for the next 24 to 48 hours. This creates a sense of urgency and prompt action! Try adding this to your Instagram Live strategy and I promise it will help build your business faster.

Reach out to influencers

Partner with influencers who may be interested in your brand, product, or audience. You can have them participate in a Live interview or even have them take over your Live videos for a day or week. Influencers don’t have to be business people. They may be friends and acquaintances who show an interest in your brand and who have an active following. Influencers help you build an online persona and you can do the same for them in return.

One more amazing statistic!

Out of all social media platforms, Instagram currently has the highest Influencer return on investment ($6.50). This means using Instagram Live video to partner with influencers is a great way to boost your business potential.

Get Live Video While It’s Hot

Live video is SO hot for businesses right now and this is only expected to continue. Give Instagram Live video a shot.

It’s a super easy and effective way to directly reach your followers and potential customers in real-time. Plus, it creates a deeper connection with your brand as you create a conversation with your followers and put a face to your business. Your followers start to see you as a thought leader and expert.

It’s also a great idea to attract Influencers for your Live video strategy and business. This shows your followers that you are connected to a strong network of intelligent, savvy people who think you and your business are awesome.

Remember, your Live videos don’t have to be perfect. It will take time to get used to the process, but your followers will love the real you and may even enjoy watching you build an incredible social media strategy that turns into amazing business success. Cha-ching!

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