Facebook Live is all the rage these days–and for good reason! Lots of people are jumping on the FB Live bandwagon to reach potential customers and grow their businesses.

From makeup tutorials to marketing seminars, FB Live can be a powerful tool for connecting with your audience and getting your target demographic to take action–whatever that may be.

But today, I’d like to talk about not just killing it with your lives, but turning your live show into a lead-generating machine.

How to Turn Your LIVES into a Lead Generating Machine

A what…? Ok. Let me break this down for you.

When we show up on Facebook Live, we want to be strategic about our content and our calls to actions, so that when we use FB Live, it’s supporting our business and it’s helping us drive leads. You don’t want to just keep showing up on Facebook and not having conversations with people, not generating leads, and not growing your email list. This is just ineffective and a waste of your time.

So, I’m going to walk you through this simple system, so that you can use your broadcasts to generate leads.

Tactic #1 for turning your Facebook Live show into a lead-generating machine: Start with your call to action

When you are setting up your lead generating machine, you have to start with your call to action–AKA, the action you want viewers to take after watching your live video.

Do you want them to…

  • Visit your website?
  • Use a promo code on your e-commerce site?
  • Grab a download and join your email list?

What is your goal and what is the action the user needs to take so that you can hit that goal? I want you to start there before anything else.

Listen closely because I’m going to say it again:

——> What is your goal?

——> What is the call to action you will give the viewer to help you reach that goal?

Now, one of my favorite ways to do this is to actually add content upgrades to my live broadcasts., which brings me to tactic #2.

Tactic #2 for turning your Facebook Live show into a lead-generating machine: Use content upgrades

Content upgrades are a piece of material or a piece of content that I can give my viewer to supplement what I am talking about on my live show.

So, for example, today I’m talking about lead generation and how I use content upgrades to generate leads. Therefore, my content upgrade cheat sheet (picture below) is my content upgrade, and it works in conjunction with today’s topic.

21 Content Upgrades

Now, let’s say I showed up on Facebook Live and I decided to give away a content upgrade about a green smoothie diet plan I was currently following. There’s a kind of a disconnect there between my product and my service–Facebook Live coaching vs. green smoothies.

People would show up excited to my live broadcast and would soon be sitting there scratching their heads and thinking,

“Well that’s great that you have a green smoothie diet plan, but I’m here to learn about Facebook Live.”

Or, the flip side could be true. I could have it where people showed up to my show because they are interested in my green smoothie diet plan, and when I go down the road to sell them on Facebook Live marketing, there’s going to be a disconnect. People will be thinking,

“Well, I came here for some sweet content upgrades around green smoothies and now she’s swooping in and selling me on FB live… what gives?”

Right then, you’ve lost them. And why?

… Because this doesn’t make any sense!

So when you approach your content upgrades, I just want to reiterate, make sure they align with your products and your services and the content you are coming onto Facebook Live to discuss.

I want to take a brief detour from the tactics for generating leads in order to talk more about content upgrades.

There are lots of different ways you can create content upgrades. I’ve made this simple image to make it easy for you to get ideas. My little cheat sheet (pictured here) lists some pretty easy ways to upgrade your content for your customers. Now, a “worksheet” for example could mean anything that fits with the content of your Facebook Live show–anything from a simple recipe card (if you’re a cupcake baker) to lesson plan activities (if you’re working in the field of education).

Types of content upgrades

I know you’re just jonesin’ for an example, so let’s talk about my friend, Sarah.

Sarah makes Facebook Live shows where she does a soap making school. She gives people soap recipes on lives and she walks them through live demonstrations where she’s mixing up her recipes. Now, a great content upgrade that Sarah could give people is just a little download of the recipe she went through online that day. That way her viewers have the recipe right in their hands or in their inboxes, and they don’t have to keep going back to the live to access it at a later date.

Bottom line: there’s lots of ways to approach content upgrades.  First, you need to start with thinking about your goal, or your call to action, whether it be to get chatbot subscribers, encourage engagement on your videos, grow your email list, or to drive people to your website. Then you can figure out how to use content upgrades to help you reach your goal.

Tactic #3 for turning your Facebook Live show into a lead-generating machine: Make your call to action clear to your viewers

Now that you’ve come up with your goal, or your call to action, and created your content upgrades (if that’s the route you are going to take), the next step is to talk about what action it is you want your user to take.

You may want to state this several times throughout your live broadcast because people might be jumping in and out. And sometimes people are just a bit spacey, so maybe they heard it earlier in the broadcast and forgot. Repeating it reminds them to take action. When you show up on your live broadcast, one of the best ways to do this is to actually do an overlay on your video with that call to action.

For example, during one of my Facebook Live shows, I asked viewers, “Do you want a copy of my Content Upgrade Cheat Sheet? If so, leave a comment and I’ll send that over to you.” This simple comment is an example of adding an overlay.

There are lots of other ways to subtly sneak in that overlay. I’ve seen people do it as a footer across the bottom or as a call to action where they tell viewers to leave a comment, visit their website, view their latest blog post, or grab a download from their homepage. Those are all things you can add to your overlay copy. Don’t be afraid to give your viewers those specific directions. They’re wondering, what are we supposed to do next? Tell them!

Tactic #4 for turning your Facebook Live show into a lead-generating machine: Ask your viewers to leave a comment

Now the next approach that you can take to help you support your lead generating endeavors is to:

  1. Ask them to leave you comments
  2. Follow up on those comments either manually or with a chatbot

Feeling confused because you DO ask viewers to leave comments (you REALLY DO!), but you’re still not getting many? Try pinning your call to action (like “leave me a comment”)  to the top of your Facebook Live video. That way, it doesn’t matter how many comments you get on that video, that message is going to stay at the top.

Obviously, there are lots of different calls to action, but one of my favorites is to leave a comment.

Why? Because it generates engagement on your video. Facebook sees that your video is generating comments, it’s generating reactions, and they think, “Maybe we need to put this video into more and more news feeds because it is getting this really rich engagement.”

So I typically ask people to leave a comment, and then I follow up with them because I feel like this way it’s benefiting me in multiple ways:

  1. It’s getting me out into that newsfeed
  2. It helps me generate leads
  3. If I am connected with a chatbot, I can actually automate my responses and make it super simple for myself

Wondering what in the heck a new-fangled chatbot actually is? Or prefer the personal approach with your customers? That’s totally ok!

When I first started going live on Facebook, I responded to all of my comments manually. And lucky for you, if this is something you want to try today, you’re going to have to do it the old-fashioned way because Facebook currently has a freeze on their chatbot certification or their third party chatbot services. So, if you are going to take the comment approach today, and you don’t currently have a chatbot of your own, follow up manually. It could be a great way to connect with your potential customers.

But hey, this is what I did at first! I would say, “Leave me a comment if you want to grab my outline.” People would message me and say “Yes, I’d love to grab your outline.” Then I would manually go into my Facebook inbox and reach out to those people to give them that resource.

I found that it was actually really great for me to start manually doing this because I was able to have conversations with my viewers and really pinpoint their current pain points or discover where they were at currently with regards to Facebook Live shows. Had they just started? Had they not started at all? Had they been doing it for some time? With this personal interaction, I was able to start to see, for instance, Ok, a good percentage of my viewers are at the beginning stages of Facebook Live right now.  So the content that I want to create needs to be geared towards a beginner, not towards a more advanced Facebook Live user.

So, long story short–if this is something you want to try, just manually begin the process (it can actually be really great!) and then down the road you can automate it.

Let’s wrap it all up…

You worked hard. You generated those leads. Now it’s time to dust off those shoulders and take a hot minute… right?


Not quite.

When you generate leads from your Facebook Live show, it does not stop there. You need to make sure you have a really good automation system in place for after your viewers take action. For instance, if you showed up on Facebook Live and you told them that you wanted them to grab an Ebook, go to a website, or fill out a form, you now need to figure out, “What is the follow-up?”

Once they grab that Ebook, if you don’t follow up with them, they’re just going to fizzle out and become a cold lead. But the moment that they actually do visit that website, fill out that form, or get that Ebook, they immediately become a nice toasty warm lead. Hurry! Quick! Now’s your opportunity to quickly follow up with them.

Ok, what now? Get systems in place to help you automate. You could automate:

  • Messenger
  • E-mail
  • Calendar reminders to call someone for follow-up

So there you go, folks.  These are some key ways that you can set up your Facebook Live show for success, so that it will generate leads for you on autopilot.

And it really works. If you show up on live and you do this time and time again, it will have a snowball effect because every day you will have different people finding your content, seeing your calls to action, taking action, and entering your funnels. Doing all you can to generate those leads is a really powerful approach to take if you want to successfully use Facebook Live shows to promote your business.